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To the Greenwood Groceries store page. Here you can find the basic information for the store as well as some things we thought would be helpful.

Thank you for checking out our website! If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know, you can find our contact information on the website right over here.

About us

We're a small grocery store located in the middle of the picturesque city of Greenwood, Canada's smallest city, counting only 665 people as of 2016.

The Greenwood grocery Store, previously named My Udder Store was started up by Hardy and Rocky in the 1990's and has been the towns grocery store since then.

Since September 2020 the store is under new ownership and run by Jason and Richard.

We hope we can supply you with all your daily needs at an affordable price.

Small store image.png

The company logo, drawn by Relaxable

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